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We have made the difficult decision to postpone Dive Fest Barbados 2020 due to the effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic. We will return in 2021 with more details  to follow shortly. 

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Dive Fest Barbados will return in 2021!


Whether you can swim, float, dive, or prefer to soak up some sun on the beach, this festival has something for everyone!


Dive Fest Barbados  features water awareness programs, scuba and freediving demonstrations and trials, beach cleanups, conservation tips, recyclable boat race, lionfish hunting AND tasting, as well as scuba dives all over the island - including the exhilarating east coast! Don't miss out on your chance to discover what lies beyond our beautiful Barbados shores!

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Previous Year's Events




Kids Swim Program

In 2019, Dive Fest Barbados' Ocean Awareness Program provided swimming and safety lessons to 100 local children.


Recycled Boat Race


Our Closing Day features a Crazy Recycled Boat Race. 

We're Challenging Everyone!

Flex your building muscles and prove that your team can make the fastest, most durable boat. This is an awesome team building exercise that allows groups to come together, get creative, and have some fun! Boats are to be made (as much as possible) using only recycled materials. We recommend doing some Beach Clean Ups to gather materials. Through crafting these boats, our goal is to help people recognize that materials can more-often-than-not, be repurposed and given new life. Plastics don't have to be single-use. We can find new ways of re-using what we already have.

Rules and Regulations and Registration sheet downloadable document here:


Participating DIVE SHOPS

Barbados is home to a number of 5 Star PADI dive resorts, more than 10 ship wrecks and over 30 different dive sites. Our local dive shops are all participating in Barbados Dive Fest Barbados 2020 and will be offering discounts and demos throughout the festival.


Address: Coral Reef Club, St James, Barbados

Phone: 1-246-432-0931
Web: www.divehightide.com

Address: Careenage, Bridgetown, St Michael, Barbados

Phone: 1-246-243-5816
Email: dive@ecodivebarbados.com
Web: ecodivebarbados.com

Address: Cruising Club, Aquatic Gap, St Michael, Barbados

Phone: 1-246-287-5289
Email: g@gfishbarbados.com
Web: www.gfishbarbados.com

Address: Hilton Hotel, Needham's Point, St Michael, Barbados

Phone: 1-246-434-5764
Email: info@divebarbadosblue.com
Web: www.divebarbadosblue.com

Address: Bay Street, Bridgetown, Barbados

Phone: 1-246-436-3483
Web: www.rogersscubashack.com

Address: Speightstown, St Peter, Barbados

Phone: 1-246-422-5450
Email: scubadiving@caribsurf.com
Web: www.scubadiving.bb

Address: Bay Street, St Michael, Barbados

Phone: 1-246-426-9947
Web: www.thediveshopbarbados.com

Address: The Boatyard Complex, Bay Street, St. Michael

Phone: 1-246-262-1029
Email: westsidescuba@gmail.com
Web: www.westsidescuba.com


Address: Bridgetown, St Michael, Barbados

Phone: 1-246-234-7778 
Web: www.tridentfreedivers.com

Address: Hilton Hotel, Needham's Point, St Michael, Barbados

Phone: 1-246-434-5764
Email: info@divebarbadosblue.com
Web: www.divebarbadosblue.com


Dive Fest Barbados Packages

Look out for our dive and staycation packages for Dive Fest Barbados 2021. All participating hotels will use the booking code: diveasybarbados 

Below are the properties which had special offerings for last year's Dive Fest.

All Seasons Europa logo.jpg
Dover Beach Hotel logo.jpg
Savannah Beach Hotel.png
Time Out Hotel logo.png

*youtube video by Lucy Agace of Scuba Channels

Lionfish are an invasive species causing problems in the Atlantic Ocean. They are voracious predators and reproduce in large numbers. Without any naturals predators present in Barbados, Spearfishers have had to play an active role in protecting our reefs from being entirely consumed by lionfish. Be sure to get a sample of lionfish while visiting Barbados. It is delicious, nutritious and the most sustainable fish available. Stop by our featured seminars on how to catch and cook lionfish.

Did you know?

Some divers log 100s of dives without ever seeing a Seahorse? Here in Barbados, you can often find them on your First Dive ever!

Marine Protected Areas

Carlisle Bay Marine Park is the underwater treasure of Barbados. A perfect site for swimming, snorkelling, diving, freediving or paddling around. There is no fishing permitted in the marine park which makes it a safe haven for all of our marine creatures. The 7 shipwrecks create an artificial reef to help them thrive.  





For other questions and comments email divefestbarbados@gmail.com